I give thanks to the LORD Almighty over this commission and also sending unto a divine prophet like Bishop David Oyedepo,i joined this commission last year just before the double portion was declared even though i did not understand it,i was lead by the Holy Ghost to understand just after i was baptized,i believed in it and held tight unto it,at that time i had nothing because i lost everything when i was a sinner,i accepted jesus christ in my heart and things began to work,God gave me bouncy baby Girl for my first born,he later blessed me financially,and again he made me purchase a piece of land which i could call my own.I give God all the glory,Thanks and honor for he never let me down and i am stick to him now more than glue expecting alot at this very year of exceeding grace,strange work and strange acts,Thank God for his unspeakable blessing and my commission,winners chapel int. nana yaw asante Ghana
nana yaw asante
On December 31/January 1st,2011. I attended the crossover service at the water resources branch Effurun warri,of living faith church. That night some mystery words were released and suddenly the urge to go to club that night was lost. Although in between the year was tough for me , i was under a very strong influence of alcoholism, chain smoking, womanizing and occult practices. I couldn't help myself , neither was anybody able to. But God intervened in October 16th to b prescise, and i received Christ, immediately the power of addiction was broken for ever , till now i m free . I just want to thank the name of the LORD. Afterwards HE restored my dignity, i got married , joined the choir , and i have been greatly helped by the HOLY SPIRIT in all my life's endeavor . To GOD alone be all the glory.
Odogbor Udume Vincent
I want to thank the God of bishop david oyedepo, I join this great commission last year june via revelation and since then uptill now I have. Not taken drugs I am enjoying heaith in his full measure and also I want to thank God for what he did for my dad. My dad was promoted august and by november I anointed his hand and said before the end of 2013 he will have a car behold november ending my dad bought a car thanks to the God of bishop david oyedepo.
Aigbeniode osagie matthew
Exceeding grace,God as been so wonderful in my life and my family.I came from a muslim family which i practiced for 36years but when i become born again and become winner family less than 3years now i got a job, married ,bought my own land in port harcourt and start building my own house. i just want to give lord the glory for his mercy.Even when i was abandoned and threatened by my family the lord is by myside.
Adeleke Hassan
God is faithful he healed me during this covenant day of healing,while i was in service in the Sunday service. Thank you Lord
Gabriel .O
I want to thank God for the man of God.He is a vessel indeed sent by God to liberate mankind.He is not two of a kind in the entire world.He is a builder and teacher of the word.My testimony is that I thank God for the work He is using his son to do in this life.Praise God.
Ijeoma Gloria Nwaobi
I bless God for is divine provision and breakthrough,last year Shiloh prayed that God should make a way and finacial support for my wedding theGod of this commission prove in himself. In a might way I planned and bought all the things I used within three days to my wedding heard the best and leftover which I used till after three month after the wedding.since then till now its. Frm one testimony to another.praiseGod
huesu e.i
Double portion, next levels. This year has been w8wonderful indeed to me. Firstly, I got my Shiloh gifting the form of online partner, exactly as I dropped my Shiloh sacrifice& bg GOd's grace, NOv 9, 2013 is the covenant wedding. Secondly, I resigned from my previous workplace after having read understanding divine direction by Bishop OYedepo , since then, intent inton9private practice as a young lawyer. God has been faithful to me and I cannot keep it to myself anymore. He keeps increasing my clientele base so much that I wondered wwhether I'm just 2 years post call. In obedience to the mandate of one winner one soul every week, I told GOD that I wanted enter into my first 5million. By the first Sunday in AUgust, as a lawyer who deals in real estate, I got my personal profit of 1m. As if that was not enough, the instruction to step on currencies paved way for financial prosperity to me and all dt I invited to that service. God indeed called bishop.
akinsola abosede
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